Amanda Ramirez

Escrow Assistant

Amanda Ramirez is an experienced escrow assistant with an impressive eight-year tenure in the industry. Starting her journey in her hometown of San Pedro, she honed her skills at a local office for four years before making the transition to a prominent office in Long Beach. For the past four years, Amanda has worked hand in hand with Carlo Bautista, forming a dynamic and effective team.

As an assistant to the escrow officer, Amanda takes immense pride in providing excellent service to clients during property transactions. She excels in effective communication, addressing client concerns and ensuring everyone is well-informed throughout the process. Her proactive approach helps find solutions to complex questions, facilitating smooth transactions and sparing clients from navigating hurdles.

Teaming up with Carlo at the Simply Escrow office, Amanda delivers exceptional service to clients. Carlo’s outstanding expertise as an escrow officer is renowned, and he consistently goes above and beyond for their clients.

For the best escrow service, reach out to Amanda and Carlo today! Their dedication, exceptional communication, and commitment to providing the very best service make them the ideal choice for all your escrow needs.

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Carlo Bautista

Magally Espinoza


Monday:            9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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